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Laser Rotary Extension Plate

Laser Rotary Extension Plate

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This is for an extension plate to help mount your rotary off to the side of your fiber/galvo laser. It allows you to easily gain more options for mounting your rotary out of the way, while getting your material centered under the laser. Additionally, it enables you to quick and easily remove or remount it when needed.

It is designed to accommodate rotaries with mounts up to 125mm apart, and allowing up to to 225mm of extension space. The channel for mounting to the laser bed is 110mm wide, allowing flexibility of bolt choice to get the rotary centered under the head.

The plate is made out of 10mm thick 6061 aluminum, ensuring it can handle the weight of the rotary and the item being engraved. It has M6 holes on a 25mm grid, 125mm wide by 225mm long.

It includes 2 M6x16mm bolts and and washers, along with 4 M6x10mm bolts for mounting your rotary.
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