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ISO30 Tightening Fixture

ISO30 Tightening Fixture

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A tightening fixture is a must-have for any CNC mill or router. This fixture is for use with ISO30 tool holders, common on CNC routers such as Laguna, ShopSabre, and Avid with the CNC Depot S30C.

ATCs are amazing improvements in efficiency, but you also need a way to securely tighten and torque the tools before use, and it cannot be done on the machine. This fixture allows you to easily place the tool in the top with the collar secured while you tighten with the necessary wrench.

The fixture was specifically designed to easily mount to the side of 8040 aluminum extrusion, such as used on the Avid CNC Pro router. The 3 mounting holes are spaced 40mm apart, aligning it to fit nicely on the front or rear of the machine.

Fixture includes 3x M8x16mm bolts which can be used to secure against the side of the machine easily with some M8 40 series spring nuts (not included).

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