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ISO30 CNC Tool Forks

ISO30 CNC Tool Forks

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These holders are designed to be used on an automatic tool changer (ATC) rack for an ISO30 based CNC spindle. The holders match the profile and bolt locations for 8040 aluminum extrusion with fully recessed mounting bolts allowing your changer to maximize clearance for the spindle nose and your dust boot.

Tool holders are sold in sets of either 4 or 8. If you'd like to request a different amount, please contact me for a quote.

I personally use these on my Avid Pro CNC router fitted with the CNC Depot S30C kit. The machine is entirely based on using 8040 extrusion. With holders that match the extrusion profile, you can easily mount the holders evenly spaced along a crossmember, or even mount them on vertical pieces by tapping the endcaps of the extrusion.

I make the holders in two varies, depending on the mounting hole size you'd like to be using. Each variety includes the two mounting bolts to ensure they are fully recessed when secured. They can be either M8 or M12, depending on the extrusion you're using.

How to know which to get:
  • M8: If you're mounting them horizontally on a cross member, get the M8 holders and use M8 spring nuts (not supplied) to secure the holders.
  • M8: If mounting vertically on the endcap of extrusion from, or another supplier that uses 8mm/M8 hole sizes.
  • M12: If mounting vertically on the endcap of extrusion from Misumi, or another supplier that uses 12mm/M12 hole sizes.
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