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ISO20 CNC Tool Forks

ISO20 CNC Tool Forks

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These holders are designed to be used on an automatic tool changer (ATC) rack for an ISO20 based CNC spindle. The holders are designed to mount on top of 40x40mm 40 Series aluminum extrusion from Misumi.

The holders have a countersunk M12 bolt hole to mount to the threaded and, along with indexing on 3 sides in the T slot profile to index while mounted. It is designed to have enough clearance for up to 3" diameter surfacing bits.


The holders are designed to work with the following Misumi components:

  • 40x40mm Series 40 Extrusion ( HFS8-4040-80-RTP-LSV) - The link is to an 80mm length, which can be easily changed on the sidebar. This also uses Misumi's S hole joints, which are similar to those used on Avid CNCs.
  • S Hole Machined Joints (HDJFSN8) - These are to attach the extrusion with the S holes to the machine's crossmember. Note that these come in packs of 2, so need 1 per holder. They do not include the screws or nuts, even though they are in the picture.
  • M6 35mm Socket Head screw (SCB6-35) - The screws to secure the joints above. You might be able to use other M6 35mm screws, but ensure the head will fit within the joint. To ensure fit, I have used the screws linked to by Misumi.
  • Any M6 spring nuts. I use spring nuts rather than Misumi's own nuts so that I can add tools without removing the entire cross member. You can easily find these on Amazon or other suppliers.
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