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Dual Business Card Jig for Fiber Laser

Dual Business Card Jig for Fiber Laser

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This is a jig/fixture for use for engraving aluminum business cards on your fiber laser. It allows for quick swapping cards with easy and repeatable alignment. It enables engraving two cards at the same time with a 110mm lens.

It is designed to easily fit cards up to 3.4" x 2.13" (86mm x 54mm), with two flush mounted screw holes at 50mm spacing. The center divider is 2mm thick, allowing you to easily position both card's contents to the sides. If engraving a 54mm card, center one card's content 28mm to the side and -28mm to the other side (half the width, plus 1mm for half the divider). Even with smaller cards, it is possible to push the card into one of the corners with a known dimensional location.

The corners are notched to allow you to quickly pick up and place a new card.

Includes 2 M6x10mm screws for securing it to your laser bed. It is precision milled out of 6061 aluminum stock. Overall dimensions are 94x110mm, 10mm high, with the business card pocket being 4mm. The center divider is 2mm wide. Ideally this is used with a 110mm lens. If using anything smaller, it is recommended to use our single business card jig.
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